Just met with Vanessa from Vanessa Lianne jewelry and was once again blown away by the quality of her pieces. She is without a doubt an absolute force in the jewelry world and I am so privileged to be able to help her in defining her look. We are currently constructing her website, but I had such a great meeting with her (in her hometown from out east) I had to put a little pre-launch plug on the site.


Chile & Argentina

Third week in January, apparently the most depressing week of the year. The holiday craze has finished, the visa bill has arrived in the mail, and the memories of 2009 have taken a back seat to the ambitious goals set forth for 2010.

For me, however, memories of 2009 are still very much fresh in my mind. We had the opportunity to travel Chile & Argentina for almost a month in Oct/Nov of 2009 and are still on a wine-high. Chile provided its own challenges that only biking 80 km a day can provide. Rewarding, exhausting, and emotionally draining, our time in Chile was fantastic. We had a wonderful tour with Ecotours Chile, who facilitated a fascinating journey through the lakes and volcano district of Chile’s southern half.

Once the tour (complete with hot springs and fantastic seafood) was over, we were game to explore their neighbour to the east.  We hopped a bus through the Andes, landed in Mendoza and within minutes were pounding the pavement in this small, bustling city. Many wines were tasted. The steak was amazing, fit for my 6’3 travelling companion who made sure to order everything ‘a pobre’ (a side of 2 fried eggs, french fries & sauteed onions). We explored Buenos Aires next, experienced the craziness that is a Boca Juniors football match, and definitely learned to Tango. All in all, these two countries wet our appetite for future excursions down south. I doubt if we’ll be allowed to travel elsewhere now that Pete’s experienced his favourite place on earth.

La Roux

La Roux re-emerges with a powerful new album complete with punchy new hit ‘Bulletproof’ and ‘In For the Kill’. The album is a collaborative effort involving my own brother! Check this out!


Illustration comes to life.

This is so incredibly rad. Gives my dreams of illustration hope and in a campaign no less for CARHARTT! Love it.


Adios Vancouver

Time to fly friends. The count down is on, 4 days & we’re off. Cannot wait. I’m even more excited about the things I’ll be working on when I return!  Until then, adios & farewell, see you in 3 weeks!


Hello world!

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